Who Needs Yesterday?

If you haven’t already, I suggest you watch Paul McCartney’s headlining Glastonbury set. Even if you’re not a Beatles’ fan. Even if you don’t particularly dig that type of music. Watch it. You’ll not be disappointed.

For an 80 year-old to headline the most prestigious festival in music is impressive enough in itself. But it’s the way McCartney did it. In a set that lasted nearly three hours, the former Beatle didn’t pause or draw breath. The only short interlude in the entire performance was prior to the encore. And that was a matter of minutes.

For the rest of it, Paul was relentless; entertaining the vast crowd with anecdotes in between the comprehensive rendition of the most impressive catalogue in rock n’ roll. Brilliant, as an adjective, fails to capture the awesomeness of it.

Still, there were detractors, of course. Some complained about the composition of the set. This allegation was peculiar given that McCartney rattled through loads of Beatles’ classics, as well as Wings’ staples such as Maybe I’m Amazed and Band on The Run.

Some moaned about his voice. Sure, it’s not what is used to be, understandably, but see how well it held up, without backing, during I’ve Just Seen A Face and George Harrison’s Something.

Others complained about a lack of crowd enthusiasm. I assume they switched off before the end. Yes, the set started slowly (as is the way with these things), but by the end Sir Paul had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand. What else to expect from a legend with over 60 years’ experience in the industry?

Criticism of McCartney has often been fashionable. Yet, no-one has achieved what he has. In truth, no-one’s even come remotely close. Such an accomplished history. The Beatles’ stuff alone is peerless, but look at all he’s done since. And he’s still going!

Paul’s last two albums, New and Egypt Station were damn good. Keen observers also note that the veteran entertainer found time during Lockdown to complete McCartney III. On top of all that, he’s still touring, performing to tens of thousands of people per night in stadiums all over the world. Evidently, the fire still burns brightly.

It’s not as if he’s doing it for the money. McCartney’s still stretching himself at this stage of his career because he still loves it and is so damn good at it. Paul McCartney could have retired comfortably years ago and with his place in music history long since assured. The fact that he hasn’t tells all about this remarkable man.

The Glastonbury show ended, of course, as is now customary, with the finale of the Abbey Road medley. You sensed the palpable disappointment from the crowd that it was all over. Because we felt it too watching on our tv sets. There was no shortage of emotion. Headlining Glastonbury at 80: what an incredible achievement.

So, complain if you want to. Be negative if it makes you feel better. But I know what I prefer to do. How long can he keep this up? Who knows? But, one thing I do know for sure. Make the most of this iconic human being while he’s still around. For we will never, ever see his likes again.